Vaperz Fog


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100ml shortfill

zero Nicotine

70vg / 30pg

Blackcurrantade   Rich blackcurrant berries

Blueberry  Fresh & ripe blueberries

Blueberryade  A mix of fresh blueberries and lemonade

Blue Slush   The famous crushed ice drink

Cola  Just like the drink

Citrus Slush  A Lemon And Lime Slush

Dark Slush   Refreshing dark fruit slush

Dragons Blood  Like  strawberry sauce on ice cream with a menthol hit

Dragon’s Breath  A powerful fruit cocktail with a infusing cooling mint exhale

Dragons Fear   Intense fruit with a secret twist

Dragons Tears   Extreme Exotic fruits with a hint of citrus

Goblin’s Blood  Sweet strawberry with absynthe & menthol background

Grape Ice    Grapes with an Icy blast

Grape Slush    A vibrant Black Grape Slush with hints of berries

Huckleberry Hound   Razzle-berry with a menthol hit and floral aftertaste

Jolly Rancher    Just like the retro sweet

Kanzi  A delicious sweet & smooth candy vape. Strawberry & watermelon have been blended with a dash of kiwi & marshmallow

Lemon Tart   A delicious, sweet and balanced lemon tart

Lemonade ice  A refreshing lemonade with ice

Mango Ice   Inspired by the famous fizzy mango drink

Mango Slush   With succulent, ripe mango for an exotic tasting slushy treat

Muffin Man  A dominant apple on the inhale followed by sweet, subtle undertones of cinnamon laced muffin on the exhale

Nan’s Pud  A thin vanilla sponge smothered in gallons of thick vanilla cream with a large helping of salted caramel sauce over the top

Nitro   Cool & crisp with a touch of menthol

Orange Ice   Inspired by the famous fizzy orange drink                              

Pancake Mania  A sweet batter flavour

Pastilles  A vibrant, flavoursome & moreish with a suitably sweet finish 

Peppermint  A cool, intense peppermint blast, it is fresh and minty just like your favourite peppermint sweets.

Pineappleade  Pineapple & lemonade

Red A   With a tasty mix of black grapes and red berries that are cut through with  undertones of aniseed and menthol, and finally finished off with hints of sweet eucalyptus

Ry4Toffee   One for the tobacco lovers with a butterscotch and caramel undertone


Tsunami  Dark fruits with a blend of berries and a slight hint of menthol

Twister   Like the ice cream

Watermelon  a refreshing taste

Watermelon & Cherries A blend of cherries & watermelon


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Biscuit, Blackcurrantade, Blue Slush, Cola, Dark Slush, Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Fear, Dragon's Tears, Huckleberry Hound, Jolly Rancher, Lemonade Ice, Nitro, Orange Ice, Pineappleade, Red A, RY4 Toffee, Tsunami, Twister


No Nicotine, 3mg


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