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Sweet Vapes
120ml Shortfill
Zero Nicotine


Blackberry Crumble – It’s fruity and it’s baked. The crumble is buttery and doughy like a crumbly cookie and the blackberry just pierces through and gives it a fruity edge. You will be amazed.

Blackcurrant Tunes – This is a strong, sweet blackcurrant flavour and combined with menthol makes a great combination for menthol lovers out there who want that strong fruity hit.

Blueberry Muffin – It’s a thick and cakey flavour with smooth blueberry throughout. This muffin is moist and crumbly and oozing little pouches of blueberry goodness just waiting for you to get stuck in.

Chilled Dark Fruits – MIXED BERRIES – DARK FRUITS – LOW ICE Blackcurrant, raspberry, other berries etc, blended to perfection. The addition of ice gives it that extra cool kick.

Chilled Dragonberry – DRAGON FRUIT – STRAWBERRY – LOW ICE Like a candy strawberry flavour, it’s fresh and fruity and the addition of ice really compliments the fragrant freshness of this fantastic fruit combo.

Chilled Hawaiian Punch – The passion fruit is sharp, the orange gives it body and the guava mellows it all out in the end. Whack some ice in this one and take it to the next level.

Chilled Juicy Grapes – It’s the holy grail of grape, juicy and succulent and ripe, and now with the extra kick of a shot of ice. Grape and Ice? Yes please. It’s a foregone conclusion.

Chilled Juicy Mango – Such an amazing flavour like Juicy Mango has to have the Chilled treatment, and it does not disappoint. As always, if you like ice in your vape then it only gets better and better.

Chilled Lime & Pineapple – This sharp and zesty flavour really goes well with the addition of ice. As if it wasn’t refreshing enough already, the cool kick really takes it up a notch.

Chilled pear & Lychee – You ain’t never experienced nothing like it. Golden pear and sweet succulent exotic lychee really lends itself to being Chilled. It will knock your socks off.

Chilled Quench – WATERMELON – KIWI – STRAWBERRY – LOW ICE This refreshing, thirst quenching flavour is ideal for being Chilled. What would you rather have on a hot day? Warm juice or cold juice? You know it makes sense.

Grape Bubblegum – Grape lovers will love this. Bubblegum lovers will love this. The grape is strong, the bubblegum is strong. It’s a strong flavour all in all and it’s sweet to boot. Get involved if this is your thing.

Juicy Grape – Do you like that American, purple candy grape taste? So do we, it’s called Concord grape. We took that and made it as juicy and refreshing as possible using a blend of other fruity flavours. Grape lovers holy grail.

Jungle Juice – MELON – MANGO – PAPAYA It’s tropical and fruity. A blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melon takes the main stage while strong and distinctive papaya gives it a hard edge. It’s a bold flavour straight from the jungle.

Key Lime Cookie – Does exactly like it says on the tin. Imagine a freshly baked doughy cookie, infused with ginger and containing pieces of candied lime. It’s fruity and it’s biscuity and the ginger takes it to another level.

Kings Reserve – BANANA – HONEY – NUT – GRANOLA This juice is exquisite. A hint of banana with a nutty honey caramel come out from the base of biscuity granola. Nut, honey, biscuit and the banana just slides right in. Fit for a King.

Lemon Goo – Tastes like one of those lemon cheesecake puddings you get in the little glass tubs. It’s not lemon tart, this one has a distinctive biscuity base instead, from which the creamy lemon curd comes out.

Lemon Sherbet – Imagine you are 6 years old, and you’re sucking on a lemon sherbet boiled sweet that your grandad gave you. Then you reach the middle and get that explosion of lemony, sherbety goodness.

Lime & Pineapple – Squeeze out the juice from a couple of limes, add some of the syrup from a tin of pineapples, that’s pretty much how this tastes. A sensationally refreshing and zesty experience.

Peach & Raspberry – Mash up the flesh of a ripe peach into a bowl, then add a dash of raspberry coulis. This juice is more peach than raspberry, a simple combination to delight your taste buds.

Pear & Lychee – Golden pear, tick, lychee, err… what’s a lychee? If you know about lychee then you’ll already be salivating at the thought of this combo. It’s refreshing, it’s fruity. it’s fragrant. it’s simply delicious.

Pink Custard – RASPBERRY – CUSTARD You know like at school dinners you’d get that jam sponge cake in a bowl covered with pink custard? This is that custard. You can even taste the spongecake if you look out for it.

Pink Lemonade – What exactly is in pink lemonade? We’ll let you try and figure that one out. It’s strong, it’s zesty, it’s sweet and it’s fizzy. This isn’t just lemonade, this is Pink Lemonade.

Red Lemon – STRAWBERRY – LEMON – A deep, perfectly ripened strawberry blended into a glass of fresh Sicilian lemon juice. The dichotomy between the intense richness of the strawberry and the refreshing zesty-ness of the lemon is something to behold.

Unicorn Tears – STRAWBERRY – CREAM – CUSTARD – BISCUIT – It’s thick, it’s creamy. It smells amazing when you open the bottle. Like a supercharged strawberry milkshake blended with custard and digestive biscuits.