Pacha Mama by Charlie’s Chalk Dust


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Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

is a mix of bright blood oranges, creamy bananas and tart summer gooseberries.
70/30 VG/PG

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine

is a phenomenal blend of crisp Fuji apple, seasonal strawberries and a bright burst of nectarine.
70/30 VG/PG

Huckleberry Pear Acai

has mountain huckleberries, lush pear and legendary Amazonian acai berries to make this succulent treasure of a flavour.
70/30 VG/PG

Mango Pitaya Pineapple

a mix up of juicy mango, sweet pitaya and scrummy pineapple!
70/30 VG/PG

Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu

is a burst of sweet tropical passionfruit with tart red raspberries and the crispy citrus of yuzu
70/30 VG/PG

Peach Papaya Coconut Cream

has fresh peaches, pleasing papaya and smooth coconut cream, all mixed together for an amazing flavour. 70/30 VG/PG

Guava Jackfruit

a sugary strawberry with bold guava and tropical jackfruit
70/30 VG/PG

The Mint Leaf

a heavenly honeydew and freshly picked berries paired with kiwi and fresh mint
70/30 VG/PG