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Dinner Lady created this disposable e cig with a view of developing the best disposable e cig in the UK. Our disposable vape pen is the first of its kind in the UK to be prefilled with Dinner Lady premium e-liquid. With a 1.2ml e-liquid capacity and a 300mah battery, our disposable e cig is equivalent to 20 cigarettes making it the easiest disposable vape pen to use when transitioning from smoking.

Flavours and Taste

The most important aspect of a disposable vape pen is delivering quality taste and flavour in a small device. Disposable e cigs have smaller batteries due to the size and intended use – a smaller battery can deliver and underwhelming taste – but not so with our disposable. We crammed a 300mah battery into the small device which delivers ample power for the intended 300 puffs our disposable offers. Using a premium organic cotton and a high-quality coil further improve the overall taste.

Our launch flavours include our bestselling and 40+ award winning, Lemon Tart e-liquid alongside a Smooth Tobacco and Blue Menthol flavoured disposable vape. Following an incredible response to the launch, we quickly created our first fruit disposable Pink Berry, a new mintier menthol Fresh Menthol and a chilly Mango Ice disposable vape pen.

We use a 20mg nicotine strength for the devices so they are most comparable to a cigarette – the nicotine salts used enter the bloodstream in a similar way to tobacco meaning cravings are more quickly satisfied.